About Us 

E Hill Funeral Director was founded in 1960 by Edwin Hill with the unstinting support of his wife Roslyn. Together they established the roots of the business with humble beginnings. Edwin started his working career as an apprentice carpenter. It was during this time that he was first introduced to the art of making coffins. He married his wife Roslyn on 24th April 1948 and they have four children. Like so many of his generation, married life with young children, was a financial struggle. It soon became apparent to him that he could provide for his family better if he worked for himself. So, in 1960, spurred on by his ability to make coffins and his desire to provide an exemplary public service, he commenced trading as E Hill Funeral Director. Together, he and Roslyn did a variety of jobs to get established: a retained fireman, driving instructor, provided wedding limousines, private car-hire and driving young children to school in a mini bus were just some of the tasks they undertook.



Edwin Henry James Hill
28th May 1928 - 28th December 2007


Edwin’s desire to do the best he could for his bereaved families led him to study for the Diploma in Funeral Directing. This is a prestigious accolade within the funeral industry, awarded to those who study and gain knowledge of all aspects of the funeral trade. He attained this in May 1977, being one of the first Funeral Directors in his area to achieve this. He also went on to be a founder member of the Hereford and Worcester Association of Funeral Directors serving, at one time, as their chairman. Edwin retired in 1993, aged 65 years, leaving the running of the business to his youngest son Richard. He gave over 33 years of his life to conscientiously serving the bereaved of this area and became a well liked and respected member of the community. He died peacefully at his home on 28th December 2007, aged 79 years. 

In 1986, with the business well established, Edwin and Roslyn's son Richard joined the family firm. He left school at 17 and initially went into the building trade. Seven years later he joined his father, helping to cope with the extra work that the funeral business was now handling.

Diploma. In 1988, Richard followed in his father's footsteps by studying and passing the Diploma In Funeral Directing. Although funerals are generally very traditional, much had changed in education since Edwin had taken his exam. Richard's studying has brought new ideas and a modern way of working, but he still tries to keep the traditional values going. This has enabled the business to evolve and achieve the professional status it enjoys today.


In 2000, Richard's wife Paula join the business after leaving her job at the local branch of the C&G. She has helped strengthen the business by taking an active roll in all the disciplins required to run a family business. In 2007, she studied for her diploma, which had been dramatically revamped since Richard took his, and passed the written and oral examination in 2008.