E Hill & Son service charges:
All items of administration including, receiving instructions, making the arrangements, 
ensuring necessary documentation is obtained and delivered to the required 
authority, providing all typed documents pertaining to the funeral and providing a 
Funeral Director and necessary staff to complete the arrangements.

£   935.00                                


Conveyance of the deceased into our care, until the day of the funeral. 
Carrying out hygienic treatment and dressing the deceased where required. 

£   425.00                  


The provision of a motor hearse for conveyance of the deceased directly to 
the Crematorium or Church. 

£   225.00                                                                                                      

Total cost of Funeral Director’s charges                                                                                   
Less discount if total funeral account with disbursements is paid before funeral 

£ 1585.00

   - 100.00

£ 1485.00


A coffin needs to be added to this price. Our basic coffins start from

£275 inclusive.



The Vale Crematorium Fee (Fladbury)



Worcester Crematorium Fee 



Doctor’s Fees for cremation certificates (where applicable)



Minister / Celebrant fees from 


Total of likely cremation disbursements (using Fladbury)   

£ 1214.00 

Final Total: (with basic coffin and discount)

£ 2949.00

Likely Disbursements for Cremation:


Church Service and burial in Churchyard from                                                                                 



Grave Digging from



Organist from 



Total of likely burial disbursements


Final Total:

£ 2825.00 (with basic coffin and discount)

This is only a simple example, each funeral is unique. You may wish to add other services such as Additional Vehicles, Newspaper Notices, Service Sheets, Flowers etc … or the burial may take place in a Cemetery which would mean additional charges. What ever you choose, abiding by the NAFD code of practice, we will give you a written confirmation and Itemised account before the funeral takes place. If you think you would have a problem with paying for a funeral, then please discuss this with us, as we may be able to help.

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Likely Disbursements for Burial: