Our Service

Here is a summary of the services we offer:


  • A twenty four hour call out service every day of the year.

  • All religious or non religious denominations catered for.

  • Taking the funeral instructions in the comfort of your own home or ours. Weekends included.

  • Personal supervision throughout.

  • Homely business premises with a private chapel of rest. (Viewing by appointment)

  • High quality Ford Hearse and Limousine. (Specialist vehicles

  • can be ordered in)

  • Provision of floral tributes, order of service and the administration of donations.

  • Organisation of personal touches, see Personal Touches Heading

  • Guidance with memorials.

  • Pre-paid funeral arrangements, see the Pre-paid Funeral Plans Tab.

  • Guidance with Social Fund funerals.

FUNERAL CHARGES. - We have put together the following information to help you understand the final funeral account. Please remember, if you do select us as your Funeral Director, you are entrusting your loved one to a company that has built an enviable reputation for serving our community for nearly 60 years.


FUNERAL ACCOUNT - The funeral account comprises of two elements; Funeral Director’s Charges and Disbursements. Disbursements are the fees which the funeral director pays, on behalf of their client, to other parties involved in the funeral service; Crematoria, Newspapers, Ministers etc.  We have no control over these fees and sometimes they can amount to more than the funeral director’s charges. It is our policy to ask for these fees as a deposit, as quite often they are paid prior to the funeral taking place.


E HILL & SON SERVICE CHARGE - We have always endeavored to offer our families a quality service for a fair price. To help our clients understand what they are receiving for this cost, please see below. 


CONVEYANCE. The deceased will be discreetly conveyed to our private funeral home, by trained staff, using a fully equipped, bespoke vehicle. This could be at any time day or night. (Allowing 20 running miles from our funeral home)


ADMINISTRATION. You will receive personal care and attention from our experienced staff, giving professional advice to you on registration and all aspects of the funeral service. To receive the funeral instructions, we offer to meet you in the comfort of your own home or at our well-equipped offices in Pershore. We will act upon all the instructions given and deliver all the necessary official documents to the required authority. We will provide typed documents such as estimates, confirmations and accounts pertaining to the funeral and we will act as your agent in the administration of donations to charity.


CARE OF THE DECEASED. We will give Hygienic Treatment and care to the deceased, until the day of the funeral, in our recently refurbished, private facilities. (hygienic treatment means washing, dressing, and presenting the deceased as peacefully as possible)

VIEWING. We will facilitate the viewing of the deceased, by appointment, at our, homely premises.


HEARSE & STAFF. We will convey the deceased in a high-quality, bespoke, Ford Hearse, along with a qualified or experienced Funeral Director and trained staff to attend and facilitate the funeral. (Allowing 20 running miles from our funeral premises)


TRADE ASSOCIATIONS.  we are members of the two most recognized trade associations; National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. (SAIF) This demonstrates that we abide by a code of practice which sets a minimum standard for funeral companies to abide by. It also means our clients are protected by a formal redress procedure, should something go wrong, and covered by a Public Liability Insurance. 


COST. Our complete service charge, excluding the coffin*, is £1585.00.  £1485.00, if the full funeral cost, with disbursements, is paid prior to the funeral taking place.


COFFINS. We have a wide selection of traditional and eco-friendly coffins for you to choose from. However, our basic coffins start from £275.00