The Vale Crematorium

& Hugh Homer

As most of you know, we at E Hill & Son Funeral Directors have been keen supporters of the new Vale Crematorium at Fladbury Cross near Pershore. We feel that there has been a genuine need for a new Crematorium in the area for some time. With the population growing, due to the myriad number of new houses being built in and around Evesham and Pershore, the infrastructure is needed.  Worcester has also expanded greatly over the last few years and its Crematorium struggles to keep up with the demand at peak times. Only this year we had a sustained period of six months where we were waiting on average up to 4-5 weeks for a cremation time. It was unacceptable for families to have to wait that long before they can formerly say goodbye to their loved ones.

At long last, the new Vale Crematorium opened on Tuesday 11th December 2018 and we were privileged to be the first Funeral Director in the area to have a cremation and hold a service there.


It’s ironic really, despite there being a lot of opposition from local people, there were also some strong supporters too. Mr Hugh Homer lived a stone’s throw from the new Crematorium and since losing his wife earlier on this year, decided that when anything happened to him, he wished to be cremated there. This was ok, except that Mr Homer died on 24th October 2018, some six weeks before the Crematorium was finished. The family were keen to honour their father’s wishes but could not wait that long for a formal service to take place. A funeral service was arranged at Fladbury Church for 8th November and afterwards Mr Homer was brought into our care again, to await the completion of the Crematorium. Little did he know that he would be making history by being the first person to be cremated at the new Crematorium.


His cremation service took place on Tuesday 11th December at 10am and was attended by about 60 family and friends, who were all impressed with the new chapel. It was a bright and frosty morning and the view from the Crematorium of Bredon Hill was stunning, a fitting tribute to a local man.

I am sure the new Crematorium will be of benefit to bereaved families and Funeral Directors alike. It has the most up to date facilities and has been aesthetically built to fit in to its surroundings. It will certainly cut down on waiting times at peak periods and will ease local people’s travelling times too.


My grateful thanks to Mr Homer’s family for allowing me to mention him in this article.


Richard Hill Dip FD, Funeral Director