Keeping the memory alive.

There are lots of different ways in which you can keep the memory of a loved one alive. As you can see from the pictures here, these are just some examples that might help.



Some families take comfort from having a small token of the ashes placed in a keepsake ornament such as the Butterfly, Teddy Bear or may be a Tear Drop, as depicted here. You can even have a small amount concealed in a jewellery pendant which can be worn around your neck. There are lots of examples, please ask us to show you if you are interested.



Ashes into Glass.

There is a process where the ashes can be blown into glass and then made into paperweight ornaments or jewellery. This could be rings, pendants or necklaces, you can even have your loved one's ashes turned into a diamond. Please ask for a brochure.


Finger Print Jewellery.

By taking the finger prints of your loved one, whilst in our care, allows you the opportunity to have various items of unique jewellery made, again, there are a lot more examples to show you.